Affiliate and Service Point Program

Apple Rescue is the smart way to get your Device repaired. we go out to your location to repair you Device securely at their convenience.

If you have a website, Post Office or Shop and want to make extra income.

then join our Affiliate Program or become a Apple Rescue Service Point Location and earn money for every repair you send us or collect in

we handle all everything from start to finish.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • We repair all makes & models
  • Free Diagnostics on everything including Liquid Damage devices
  • We offer No Fix, No Fee so if we can’t fix it, the customer doesn’t pay
  • Customers Love us
  • and much more

or Become a Service Point Location (Click Here for Details)

if you have a post office or shop we can set up a service point location FREE no cost to you all you do is collect Devices in


We are currently looking for Drop off points around The UK



You would be the only service point location in the area

We add your location to our web site, and add location to Google, bing, and online directory

We will provide posters,Signs, price list, forms and boxes for the devices

Collect and Repair on the Same Day

  • Customer drops item to you ( iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac )
  • We will collect devices and bring them to our repair centre.
  • we contact the customer and book in to our online system
  • Once repair is complete. we contact the customer to arrange either returning the Device to a drop off point in our network or the customers address
  • We handle everything from start to finish and all customer services and support
  • We will pay you per device you take in and we pay you weekly by cash or bank transfer.



Accessories: We can  supply you with apple accessories (cases, cables & chargers ect)  that we will  give you 30% of Sales from the items

Personalised Cases: we can set up a personalised case POS System so your customers can order a custom case from you (call us for more details)

We set up all this at no cost to you we even can help you to promote your Business and get you extra customers 

For More info Please Contact us