Lifetime Warranty on our iPhone Battery

Lifetime warranty


We Warranty all our repairs including Battery and charge port replacements

we even warranty our liquid damage device repairs too.if any part fails that we replace we will replace again at no cost to you


  • our simple terms and conditions see below
  • we warranty the repairs for the lifetime of your ownership of your device. we keep your details on our database so all you need to do is come in with your device.
  • we do not cover if you misuse your device, accidental damage and physical damage ( >if we replace the screen and you drop it and break it again we will not cover this under our lifetime warranty we only cover if the part fails or is defective but we will help you with your device and offer a returning customer discount on a new screen)
  • you dont need to bring in a receipt for a warranty cover as we keep track of all our repairs and serial numbers. but if you have kept it please do bring it in


  • we try to make all our customers happy. but sometimes things do go wrong we are here to help and offer 24/7 customer support. if you have any issues and want to speak to the business owner you can contact  Direct on 0800 772 3412 and he will be happy help